Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking
Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the Aytwit Engineering Company's website. We are a crack team based in Central Connecticut and opened for business in the Spring of 2018 after three decades of preparation. We work in both physical and digital realms to achieve meaningful ends without having to justify means. Means that have devolved over the last century into using the cheapest labor, materials, and tools available, with people sitting on their asses all day pressing buttons. And the ends? Why to keep the means going! Hell robots have started pressing buttons for us so we can sit on our asses more. But we shan't judge. Such ends and means are a sane response to an insane world, and it's how we all learned the ropes. But now we choose to be a little insane ourselves. To imagine a world where cold intellect invites the body and spirit to join the fun.

Enough philosophy though. I mean if you want more by all means subscribe and we'll spout it all day. Otherwise we'd like to introduce the first project out of Aytwit's research labs: an online telepathy service called Thoughter. Don't worry there's nothing supernatural about it unless you believe there to be. Thoughter and this entire site is driven by a second project still being tortured in our labs: a software verification engine called Ikwyt. It can fully, automatically check that a website has no bugs, privacy violations, or security holes, as long as you play by its harsh rules.

Enough software though. Please watch the shop page for physical contraptions that will make you rethink the limits of possibility. We also offer professional consulting services to satisfy unique engineering needs, whether they be mechanical, structural, logistical, digital, chemical, physiological, or dare I say, at least as a side effect, spiritual. Don't try to hire us for any old thing though. I mean we'll take the money but think of us like The Ghostbusters. You should only call us when you don't who to call.

- Doug