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Cryptocurrency Consulting
Do you want to learn the basics of trading and investing in cryptocurrency?
Do you want to learn about BIG DEVELOPMENTS in cryptocurrency?
Do you own cryptocurrency and want to cash out or buy stuff with it?
Do you want to learn what this whole NFT thing is about?
Do you have cryptocurrency on an exchange and want to use a wallet?
Do you want to learn powerful techniques to keep your cryptocurrency safe?
Do you want to learn about the engineering behind cryptocurrency?
Do you want to start mining cryptocurrency?
Do you have ZERO experience with cryptocurrency but want to fix that?
What Is This?
A cryptocurrency consulting service that will make you rich overnight! Guaranteed! Well, if by rich you mean in KNOWLEDGE, then it IS a guarantee! Building your knowledge account is the necessary first step to building your financial account, and cryptocurrencies are a radical new technology that I believe everyone should be familiar with. The only thing riskier than learning something too early is learning it too late!
How Does It Work?
Click the big green button above and give me some information about yourself and what you'd like to learn. I will then reach out by email to schedule a 90-minute phone call and dive in! Time will fly and I'll try to cover all your questions but that may be impossible. So afterwards I will email you follow-up material and you can continue your own research. Included in the consultation fee is FREE lifetime email correspondence, and of course you can schedule further consultations as needed.
How Much Will It Cost?
Standard rate of $99.00 for 90 minutes. Remember that in this world of free information, nothing is actually free. You have to pay one way or another, with your time, your patience, your privacy, whatever. Paying me your hard-earned money will invest YOU in the process much more than watching YouTube videos or asking your crazy uncle.
How Will I Pay?
You can pay with credit/debit card, but of course it would be the ultimate hypocrisy if we didn't accept cryptocurrency! In fact you'll get TEN PERCENT off by paying with crypto. Any major currency is accepted, though privacy coins like Monero and Pirate Chain are preferred due to Aytwit's rabid views on privacy. We also accept precious metals or barter.
Do You Give Investment or Tax Advice?
Advice is always dangerous to give, nevermind when money is involved. What works for one person can be disastrous for another. That said I will be happy to share some basic investment strategies people use, my general predictions for the future of cryptocurrency, or even just the basics of how to buy your first coin. From there I will also be happy to refer you to people who are more qualified than I to give deeper financial advice and investment/trade ideas.
What Can You Cover?
How to buy, basic investment/trading strategies, how the technology works, history of cryptocurrency, what different cryptocurrencies are useful for, how mining works, what the future holds, how to recover funds, how to use funds, what exchanges to use (and avoid), the MAJOR risks facing cryptocurrencies that most don't consider...I could go on!
What Are Your Qualifications?
I'm a software engineer with 20 years of professional experience and have been studying cryptocurrencies since 2010. It is highly likely that I will be able to answer any question you throw at me. And if I can't, I pay thousands of dollars a year for access to communities of top experts who CAN.
So You Believe In Cryptocurrencies Huh?
They are fascinating from an engineering perspective, but I am still undecided on their ultimate usefulness in the real world. There's no denying that there's a lot of money to be made while the world figures it out though. And who knows, cryptocurrencies may put financial systems back into the hands of the people. I think everyone should have at least some basic understanding of how it all works.