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Digital Security Consulting
Are you looking for the best anti-virus and spyware prevention solutions?
Has your identity been stolen and you want to stop it from happening again?
Do you need secure communication channels for your group or business?
Do you have concerns about keeping passwords secure against hackers?
Do you have worries about your past online behavior coming to light?
Do you want to improve your anonymity & privacy on the Internet?
Do you want your smartphone to start working FOR you and not against you?
Do you want to leave platforms like Facebook but not sure what's best?
Do you want the most secure hardware & software that money can buy?
Do you need a secure, reliable web hosting solution that respects privacy?
Do you feel Internet restrictions & censorship might become a threat to you?
What Is This?
A consulting service that will help you improve your privacy, security, and anonymity online, and hence in real life as well. It's getting more and more difficult to avoid all the traps and landmines out there that can compromise your digital self and lead to real-world issues. Computers and the Internet are powerful tools, and as such they must be used with care and awareness.
How Does It Work?
Click the big green button above and give me some information about yourself and what aspects of your digital security you'd like to improve. I will then reach out by email to schedule a 90-minute phone call and dive in! Time will fly and I'll try to cover all your questions but that may be impossible. So afterwards I will email you follow-up material and you can continue your own research. Included in the consultation fee is FREE lifetime email correspondence, and of course you can schedule further consultations as needed.
How Much Will It Cost?
Standard rate of $99.00 for 90 minutes. Remember that in this world of free information, nothing is actually free. You have to pay one way or another, with your time, your patience, your privacy, whatever. Paying me your hard-earned money will invest YOU in the process much more than watching YouTube videos or asking your paranoid uncle.
How Will I Pay?
You can pay with credit/debit card, but as we may go over in our call, it's best to avoid credit cards whenever you can. So you'll get TEN PERCENT off by paying with crypto. Any major currency is accepted, though privacy coins like Monero are preferred due to Aytwit's rabid views on privacy. We also accept precious metals or barter.
What Can You Cover?
Whew where to start?! Simply put, the majority of people and groups and businesses are playing with fire when it comes to their online privacy and operational security. The Internet has been offered up as an easy-to-use free-for-all, but in reality it is an extremely powerful tool, and such tools must always be used responsibly or the price will be paid eventually. So pay the price to me first! I promise I'm cheaper!
What Are Your Qualifications?
I'm a software engineer with 20 years of professional experience and have been relentlessly studying online privacy and digital security for as long as I've used computers. This website itself is a temple to such knowledge.